Invite people in to see where the magic happens.

Whether it’s at a studio, home office, garage, or at a quiet corner of your favorite coffee shop…people are curious about where you work.

As a fellow photographer, I generally spend my time capturing instead of being photographed myself. I was nervous to have the camera turned on me, as I don’t consider myself photogenic. But from the moment we started our session, I felt cared for by, comfortable with, and connected to Jamie. She’s not only a great talent with a camera (you can see the quality of the work for yourself)... but what you can’t see in these galleries is the way she will make you feel so comfortable, so beautiful, and so at ease. She has an eye for the little things that make your shoot location special, and she artfully captures the situation in a way that will remind you later of just how you felt and how special the day was. I recommend Jamie highly to anyone who needs photographs of what is important to them. You’ll be in the hands of someone who cares immensely about your images and experience, and you’ll have a lifelong heirloom in your images.
— Ashley Jennings ( Alchemy Tintype Studios )